Friday, May 23, 2003

Bass Ackwards!

From the Microsoft's marketing department strikes again Department:

Just rec'd the latest version of SysAdmin magazine (which, BTW, I highly recommend), tore open the plastic, and discovered a CDROM in the back:

Windows Services for Unix 3.0

Hmm... Intriguing. It even has a "LinuxWorld" logo in the upper-left corner.

"I wonder what it services it has that runs on Unix....?" I had to go find a knife to cut the usual you-open-this-you've-agreed-to-our-licensing-scheme seal before eagerly starting to read.

"Argh!!!  #&@#*!  It's Unix Services for Windows!"

Would someone please call Redmond and let them know when you say "for Unix", it means it runs on Unix, and that their product should be called Unix Services for Windows!

What!?  You expect me to buy and install a Windows server just so's I can use this?


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