Sunday, February 2, 2003

Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!

Another from November:

I must be getting old. When I first started attending the local users group, I used to hear other members bitch about Linux users creating graphic web pages (the purists believe you should surf using lynx or links).

After a few years with capable browsers and cheap memory upgrades, there's entirely new generation of users bitching about people who "top reply". Geez! Listening to them, I long for the day when posters bitched about signature lengths.

Y'all have two choices that I can see:

1. Get over it!
2. or put a government in place that will employ corporal punishment for not thinking the same way you do.

To tell the truth, I old enough to remember bitching about wasted bandwidth and being able to read faster than the data transfer in progress.

Oddly, I thinks there's an idea for an article in this. Hmmm...

The History of Whining & Bitching on the Internet

Whattaya think?

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