Saturday, November 23, 2019

Proactive to a (big) fault

Dealing with locked accounts today. My ISP account was locked due to inactivity (apparently pulling email doesn't count as "activity"). My Amazon account was locked due to my acquiring a new phone (6 months ago).

The Amazon account is unlocked, as is the ISP account, but the ISP account is still acting weird. ISP locked the customer account because of inactivity (apparently they don't consider paying their monthly bills as "activity" either). Care to guess how they notified me?

(For the above, if you guessed "via email to the locked account", you get 10K points!)

It's still not entirely fixed. I can send email to the ISP account from another ISP account but can't receive mail from anywhere else. Plus, my mail client has not been downloading any Kryptos group traffic for the better part of a year (thought the group had gotten quiet). Instead the traffic lands in the ISP inbox and is somehow invisible to my client. I'm seriously thinking about hosting email elsewhere.

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