Saturday, April 1, 2017

What was I reading in March 2017


- x86 Paging Tutorial - Ciro Santilli


- selfie by cksystemsteaching - For MIPS studens
- Consistent Hash Rings Explained Simply
- The Collapse of the UNIX Philosophy - Not an attractive article. Appears to be written by comparing it with Windows, without saying "Windows". Then again, I'm an old fart and am used to the "borken way".


- CS department updates introductory courses
- cs01/gdbgui


- Learn C Programming With 9 Excellent Open Source Books - OSS Blog


- I'm Old, Part XLI: Trolling Creative People
- Vacant Homes Are A Global Epidemic And Paris Is Fighting It With A 60 Tax Better Dwelling


- I learned how to do math with the ancient abacus — and it changed my life
- A right to repair: why Nebraska farmers are taking on John Deere and Apple


- Apologies. I had a article here but it's since been moved behind a pay wall. I've also added the site to my news filter.
- Phyllis Diller Gag File - Smithsonian Seeks Digital Volunteers


- 18 Things You'll Understand If You Went To High School In A Small Town - #8 is bs 'cause it assumes a certain level of traffic. #13 - if you had to look up FFA, you didn't grow up in a small town. #14 - If you had a DQ, (again) you didn't grow up in a small town. We had Tastee Freez and it was in the next town over. #16 - the rodeo was for the townees. Farmers already have horses, cattle, etc. We showed them off at the county fair (4-H/FFA, remember?). #18 - I'm hoping the cool girls still know how to saddle a horse.


- My Response to: How to never complete anything
- Google goes after Slack and splits Hangouts into Chat and Meet
- Backdooring MySQL Backups
- Baidu’s Artificial Intelligence Lab Unveils Synthetic Speech System


- Draft NIST SP 800-63-3 Digital Identity Guidelines
- Real-time notifications from systemd to Slack


- Teach Yourself Computer Science
- Gödel and the limits of logic
- On Programming Languages; Why My Dad Went From Programming to Driving a Bus


- Notes on Programming in C
- The Cyberpunk Sensibility
- Why We Desperately Need To Bring Back Vocational Training In Schools
- Why I've Retired My PGP Keys and What's Replaced It


- Chrome getting support for animated PNGs - A sign the end is near?
- Reverse Culture Shock - The Challenges of Returning Home: Reverse Culture Shock - Somewhat, this also applies to returning to a small towns.
- Scrolling on the web: A primer - Microsoft Edge Dev Blog


- How to Clear a Path Through 60 Feet of Snow Japanese Style
- Learning when to skim and when to read
- The Cult of DD
- A Good Vimrc
- The Surprisingly Simple Logic Behind Japanese Sentence Structure


- They Used To Last 50 Years
- How to Write a Git Commit Message - Just what Git needs: an effin' style guide. This kind of stuff gets my ire up because it makes assumptions (who's the expected audience, why you're pushing to Git, that there's a human involved in pushing to Git, etc.). We now know where the don't-ever-top-post people went...


- Why losing a dog can be harder than losing a relative or friend
- A hot bath has benefits similar to exercise
- How I Built a Profitable "Startup" in 28 Days With a $100 Budget


- Dig once bill could bring fiber Internet to much of the US


- The Days of Google Talk Are Over - Please, please no!


- Linux x86 Program Start Up
- Writing a Linux Debugger Part 1: Setup
- Writing a Linux Debugger Part 2: Breakpoints
- How to learn on your own
- 21 XMPP use-cases and the best ways to achieve them
- tmuxp tmuxp 1.2.7 documentation


- A Second Life for very old C programs
- No. I Don't Want to Subscribe to Your Newsletter


- 'Cards Against Humanity' Creator Just Pledged To Buy and Publish Congress's Browser History - Is it just me or does the law somehow miss that much of our web traffic is encrypted? If ISPs are going to start intercepting SSL traffic (ala mitmproxy or similar), isn't such still illegal?
- The Arrival of Artificial Intelligence
- Learn Redis the hard way in production
- TRS-80 Model III Emulator for Windows - Yes, I'm an old fart. I spent many hours playing "Hack" on Trash-80 CP/M.
- DNSCrypt - Official Project Home Page
- /dev/lawyer - Open Source License Business Perception Report

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