Saturday, September 10, 2016

Virginia Beach Hamfest 2016

Went to the annual Virginia Beach Hamfest this morning. It was looking a bit thin (worst I've ever seen). Only a few vendors were there.

That said, I picked up the following:

  • a couple new dental picks, for family jewelry emergencies
  • some zip ties
  • some hemostats, for use as heat sinks
  • some new diagonal cutters
  • a couple more of the brass connectors (1 mm, I think) for my ongoing attempt to resurrect a bricked GoFlex
  • curved, knurled tweezers for parts placement
  • a USB endoscope, with side mirror accessory (this will probably end up at work)

Still no set of brass jewelers hammers. It's on my wishlist but further down (somewhere after the SIOC clip set and a better wired keyboard).

Was able to play with the endoscope for a bit. It works with Cheese, as does the USB microscope acquired a couple years ago.

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