Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hamfest VB 2015

Hamfest VB 2015 was a bit sparse this year. Maybe it was because they had a bigger hall this year, but I have the impression that there were fewer vendors. Only one vendor was selling MFJ products and it wasn't a full offering.

Also, there was no tail-gating this year. In past years, some really odd stuff was being sold (there was uranium ore samples one year). Then again, that could be the answer to why there's no tail-gating.

That's not to say that I came home empty handed. I come from a long line of yard-sailors and avoided the shame of coming home empty-handed. At the same time, I managed to comply with Bernadette's "Stay out of trouble" warning.

I managed to find a Hantech 6022BE digital oscilloscope in someone's junk box. The guy selling it said that he'd acquired it for his shack but it didn't work well for what he was trying to do. I'm thinking that it'll be nice for what I do (hobby electronics vice RF electronics). We'll see...

I also sat in on the D-Star talk. Interesting, though the presenter seemed to be ignorant of a number of D-Star devices (e.g., It's now on my "to investigate" page. 

In any case, I'm off to play with OpenHantek to see what I can do with this oscope.

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