Saturday, April 25, 2015

I2C radios update

Have been busy in the past month.  Have tune, volume, mute/unmute, etc. functions written (in C) for the following chip sets: RDA5807SP, TEA5767, and Si4703.  Also have working code for the BMP085 temperature/pressure sensor.

I'm still pounding on the Si4707, Si4713, and Si4735 receivers, as well as the MOD-1016 lightning sensor.  Most stubborn one so far appears to be the Si4707.

Notes for all of the above have been updated to the point that I'm willing to share with anyone wanting to proof-read.  They're still a bit of a jumble.

Lastly, I finally dragged out the soldering iron and added an IR LED to the "IR Remote Shield v1.0" for the Raspberry Pi.  It's physically a slightly different color than the first but I'm hoping that (since the specs were the same) that it'll increase the range on the board so that I can control the fan on the other side of the office.  Will keep you posted (will add notes if it works).

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