Sunday, November 17, 2013

Is that laughter?

Augh! I departed from my normal practice of compiling everything I use from source code. (I used a software package for indexing the documents in my search engine.) 

As part of the indexing function, the new tool copies the output of the indexer to the user interface, to show successful/unsuccessful database runs. I just noticed that the very last line says:

  rotating indices: succesfully sent SIGHUP to searchd

This is my penance for using packaged software. My choices are:
  1. Ignore the word and silently obsess over it
  2. Download the source, fix the spelling, and compile the code from scratch
  3. Contact the package maintainer and annoy him/her until they fix it
  4. Contact the author and annoy him/her until they fix it
Since options 2-4 take time, I'll probably employ #1 until I'm so annoyed with myself that I get up in the middle of the night, fix the code, compile it, and send a patch to the author. Oh, and accept the scolding from Bernadette for waking her.

This after leaving a community because a few newer members were being too pedantic. Somewhere, I hear Karma snickering.

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