Sunday, August 4, 2013

TWUUG's Super Summer Saturday Meeting

Attended the Tidewater Unix User Group's annual Saturday meeting (they normally are the 2nd Thursday of the month). Got rid of two of my books, picked up a new one as a door prize.

The talks were interesting, though turn-out was a bit thin (mostly the long-time members). I wasn't planning on attending as I had intended to show up at either the North side or South side Makerspace Open Houses (the South side ended up with 60+ visitor). A last minute call from a friend changed my plans.

There were three talks, in addition to the usual before-it-gets-underway discussion. The talks were on podcasting, fldigi (amateur radio) (thanks Tracy), and eBooks (thanks Matthew).

Caught up with Dave S. on a few things that we've been planning. Now that I have most of the RPi/Z-Wave project out of the way, I can refocus on the digital signage projects. Finally had the chance to ask Mark D. what he was using for his sign. He indicated that the back end is just a bash script and indicated that someone was rewriting it in Python. Have been thinking what his statement implies and need to catch up with Dave S. again.

In any case, I need to get the backdrop in the office cleaned up again and get the podcasting rig dusted off. We may have some work to do in the near future.

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