Thursday, May 30, 2013

WeMo and Linux

Finally got the WeMo to join my home network. The trick with the Android phone was: sheer stubbornness. I just kept hitting the green "Networks" button until it saw my home network. This after a week of messing with various Python scripts and Miranda.

Once it was on the home network, getting it to work from the command line was mostly straight-forward. My thanks to Eric Blue for the Perl library. The one issue that I did run into was that I learned that the belkin.db file is not portable, across machines. In short, each machine that will control the WeMo needs to "discover" it and record its own "belkin.db" file.

For the record, the WeMo is connected to the home network via WPA-PSK, on channel 11. I didn't need to set up any special channels or networks. However, I did need to install Net::UPnP::ControlPoint before discovery would work.

Notes will be in the wiki shortly (link at top of page).

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