Sunday, September 18, 2011

VaBch Hamfest 2011

The Virginia Beach Hamfest was held at the Convention Center yesterday
(17 Sep 2011). The weather was absolutely dismal, in the 60, rainy
and very windy. This caused the "outdoor vendors" section to be
closed. A number of local clubs and orgs had tables. 757labs did
not, due to mechanical failure.

Only a handful of vendors participated. However, I did managed to
spend the cash that I'd been saving for months. Got what I needed (a
new battery for my Icom W32a) and what I wanted (TNC-X), so I now have
everything needed for a mobile packet radio rig. Notes later.

Spent the remainder of the day at 757labs. Crashed the How to Solder
class. Apparently there's no end of expert-how-to-solder videos on
YouTube, made by non-expert solderers. The class was quite

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