Monday, March 21, 2011

Reply to all

Note to the whole effin' planet:

Method for Replying to Messages Sent to "All Users"

1) Click on "Reply" vice "Reply to All".

2) Check the list of recipients before hitting send. If recipient is a distro address, delete it and enter the address of the ONE person who sent you the email.

3) Type in your message. (Note: this step cannot be performed before #2 as doing so encourages you to not check recipients before #4.)

4) Click "Send".

== End of Tutorial ==

Warning!!! Anyone who sends "Stop replying to all" messages to the "All User" distro will be added to my short list. When I come to power, QWERTY keyboards will be outlawed and you will be forced to use 14.4K dial-up. (Dvorak keyboards and 10-second connection negotiations should slow you down enough to check things before hitting "Send".)

Bah! To heck with it...  You're all on my short list.

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  1. Yes, Bill, I work there. I can't post your comment for obvious reasons... (heh)