Wednesday, September 1, 2010

ESXi - project for this weekend

Barring power outages / repairs needed due to hurricane Earl, I set a weekend project for myself to build a web-based interface to start/stop various VMs under ESXi.  Already installed are two VMs, one for services which don't require storage (Asterisk, Icecast, IRC, etc.) and one that does (PmWiki, Moodle, etc.).

I also want to experiment with other VMs (Astaro, Koha, Plutex, etc.) but know that there aren't enough resources to leave more than one of them running without affecting the other two.  End result is that I need a web interface to manage which ones are running.  It'll involve a bit of obfuscation, due to VMware's restriction on remote scripting for the free versions, but it shouldn't be that difficult.

I'll post my notes in the wiki when they're ready.

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