Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pending weekend work...

This weekend looks to be busy:

  • work on friend's ESXi system, get various sample systems running and documented

  • tweak on own ESXi box

  • install Ubuntu 10.4 ISO on thumb drive and use it to dual boot on an Acer Revo (no external drives)(adding .5TB SATA though)

  • attempt to "adapt" Bitlbee code for alternate purposes

  • review a number of Jabber bots

  • find a usable UPS or line conditioner for an insanely line-noise sensitive HP Proliant 350 G6 (dang thing quits if there's a lightning strike two counties over)

  • wade through the still-growing backlog of photographs of family and friends

And that's just the geek stuff. I still have to mow the lawn and do battle with the hedges (they always win).

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