Friday, October 9, 2009


I busted my hump in the month of September. Seriously, I worked very hard during that month! So much so that I never want to repeat it again. Maybe I'll try to put a few things off to only two months before a deadline vice all in the same month?

In any case, a couple things are coming up to counter the affects of last month. For the personal side, I'm celebrating my birthday by taking my wife to VIR and putting her in one of the pace cars (thanks Aaron!). (She's the race fan.) Mebbe in the next year or so I can swing an autograph with Tony S. for her (I grew up near Watkins Glen and went to school with one of the Bodine brothers).

On the technology side (to those in the VPN), thanks to my finally settling on a document management system (Alfresco) and digging in, you may notice that there's no storage space left on the server. To counter this, I'm laying in an extra TB of drive space: 500 GB this weekend, another the next. In short, the main server will be offline for at least part of Sunday, if not also Monday, and then again next weekend. As always, services will come back online piecemeal as I, or volunteers (hint!), reinstall them.

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