Sunday, May 17, 2009

Meru Networks

It's nice to see that Meru Networks is still around, having had a nasty spat with Cisco and Aruba earlier in the decade. I attended the 802.11n Roadshow this past week, hosted by CWNP and sponsored by Meru. The training was interesting but the Meru demo was downright entertaining.

Meru's gear, back when they were only doing "b" was interesting. Now, when it's combined with 802.11n's MIMO, it makes other vendors' networks just look bad. Seriously, if you're looking to deploy a wireless network that will host streaming audio or video, Meru is the best choice (technically or financially). (This was my opinion 5 years ago and it hasn't changed.)

If the Road Show is coming anywhere near you, I recommend signing up for it. You'll get to meet a number of engineers who've been around the block a few times and the food is darned good also (the training (and the food) was at the Occidental Restaurant in DC, near the White House). I believe that it was in the Monument Room that the training was held.

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