Monday, April 27, 2009

System upgrade

In upgrading the system (yet again), I managed to forget to back up the internal "house wiki". There wasn't much on there that isn't already on the regular 757 wiki except for a couple works in progress and it wasn't anything that I can't redo out of my head (or notes).

If anyone else is missing something, I'll dig into the backups (but you have to respond now as I'm coming up on the end of the month and will be deleting a lot of stuff).

For those in-house, most of the system is off-line, including phone, video (including the television controls (find the tv's remote in the mean time!)), lighting, intercom, music (including Icecast and the jukebox), Laconica, IRC, and motion detection. I've dug out some of the older hardware and will be re-implementing some of my more favorite projects. The services will be coming online gradually as I restore files and test each. I promise there'll be no more upgrades for awhile, unless something breaks down.

Note: development is no longer allowed directly on the house systems. If you need it, I'll provide a VM for your use.

Update: The tv controls are back online (squeaky wheel gets the attention). Low channels only, though.

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