Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thanks Digium! (or How I can't win for losing)

So the in-laws came to vist, last Thanksgiving, and stayed to visit all the way through to this past weekend. Which means that we reorganized the den to allow for opening the sofa sleeper. Which means that we moved the other couch into the office. When means that my wife and I traded desks and I moved my computer, with the smaller desk, into the spare bedroom. Which means she ended up with my Digium mouse pad.

To shorten the story: last week, my wife noticed waxy-looking circles in the middle of her (my!) mouse pad. She promptly declared them to be mold and forced me to throw it out (she wouldn't touch it)(this cost me spouse-points). I'd rec'd that mouse pad with my TDM400 card that I'd bought direct a couple years back. It was a nice mouse pad. She'd had it for at least two months before the mold showed up. (Pointing this out cost me additional spouse-points.)

Of course, I ratted her out on Twitter (this too cost me spouse-points).

To get to the punchline: Digium heard my plight (we're both in the VoIP Users Conference Twitter group) and sent me not only a mouse pad but a sticker, a patch, and a pen! This all arrived today via Fed Ex and, some how, I've managed to lose even more spouse points (she opened the package). Okay, I might have resurrected the "that wasn't mold" argument for entertainment purposes but I did say it was a nice mouse pad, didn't I?

In any case, thanks for the swag, Digium!! The pad is on my desk, the sticker is going on my car, and the pen is going to work with me.

Me? I'm still in the dog house.

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