Monday, January 21, 2008

A box of crap

I bought a box of crap at a yard sale this past weekend. It goes along with the recent "we moving" sale from which I obtained pallet-loads of junk from my emplyer. It's absolutely scary how many 5-10 year-old devices are out there that pone home once you plug them in. Even scarier is that the sites they're connecting to are still there.

Needless to say, I've "recovered" parts (power supplies, cables, mounting screws) from a number of VoIP devices for which the manufacturer is absolutely rabid about service payments (i.e., the devices are in the trash but I've a ready store of the usual these-break-first parts).

Now's all I need is the time to desolder a number of connectors. Where'd I put that solder sucker?

I also need to worry about the hardware moratorium. My wife has been quietly watching all of this movement and hasn't said a thing. Mebbe she's just wating to see how much actually "stays". (I also did promise to sort through my old stuff and toss out various bits.) I hope to have my workbench (my desk) cleared off by Easter.

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