Monday, September 10, 2007


I'm offline for a bit, while working on getting one or more Zoneminder boxes up and running. Getting a system up and running, with the MythTV plugin, is an exercise in taking two steps backward for every three forward (i.e., the distance from point A to point B is the same but you travel 5x the distance to get there).

So far the install has included:

  • installing the system from scratch
  • turning off/removing unneeded services/software
  • setting up access to the PLF repositories
  • adding needed RPMs
  • configuring the new services
  • building the kernel from source (no install, just need the syms for compiling other stuff)
  • All this before even compiling pvrusb2, MythTV and Zoneminder. Luckily, most of the above could be done by sitting down at the console every 20 minutes or so. It is a bit tedious though. Makes me think that I should have tried one of the Zoneminder LiveCD's first. (I didn't because there's a number of things I want to do that probably aren't in the LiveCD.)

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