Friday, July 6, 2007

Hey brother! Got some spouse points you can spare?

If anyone's been watching the RSS feed for the wiki (there's actually 8 subscribers in Bloglines)(thanks!), you'd notice a ton of edits to the wiki. I've put in much work on the captive portal pages and, last night, added KNut configuration. I had to. It was a matter of personal safety!

I arrived home from work yesterday, to a house that had been without power for a little over an hour, to a wife with blood in her eye. Seems that when the power went out, a number of devices started complaining about lack of power: the burglar alarm, the smoke alarm, and a small unobstrusive UPS that I had snuck in during a long-running moratorium on hardware purchases.

"Make it stop." was all she said.

After the power came back, I quickly configured Nut (Mandriva had detected it during the install and had loaded it) and installed KNutClient. The bad news is that the beeper is hardwired (it won't turn off). The good news is that I now have another set of metrics to play with.

Now I just need to figure out how to explain that there's no feature to silence the beeper without losing the UPS entirely.

Hmmm... Maybe an upgrade to a better UPS might be possible?

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