Monday, December 4, 2006


Spent most of my weekend of unemployment (did I mention that I was switching jobs?) poking at the guts of dotProject in an attempt to add e-mail alerts to tasks. It's taking awhile to gain enough understanding to add the appropriate code as, while the database tables are straight forward, the code and database queries in the original program are quite dense.

As a break, I got the MediaMVP interface to SageTV up and running via a WRT54G which I configured as a client (notes). It works great. It's even able to grab the dongle.bin file (that file name is not required) via the wireless network. No skips, network dropouts or stutters as yet, even with live TV. My two biggest annoyances with the product so far is: 1) I don't yet have sufficient hard drive space to let it run full time (it can eat up space quickly) and 2) it means that there's yet another remote control to lose in the cushions of my favorite chair. On the other hand, it allows me to take down the video sender and the remote control repeaters that were causing so much interference with the network to begin with.

I still plan on playing with MythTV and MVPMC.

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