Monday, November 27, 2006

Too cold?

Harold Welte has a gripe about air conditioning turned up too high. He managed to irk me.

He asks, "How weak have we become if we can't even tolerate temperatures up to, let's say, 30 centigrade?". My response is it's probably pretty weak if we can't tolerate a little cold, say 21 C?

It irks me because I'm from much further north and I'm quite comfortable in a server room kept at 13 C. I'm used to winter in Buffalo (snow depths measured in feet) and Chicago (sub-sub-zero wind chills). I actually suffer at 25 C.

My secondary response is to tell Harold to bring a jacket if he ever visits me. I won't visit him as there's only so much clothing I'm allowed (by law) to remove in public.

Oh, sorry: here's rough equivalents: 30C ~ 86F, 25C ~ 77F, 13C ~ 55F, 21C ~ 70F.

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