Saturday, April 2, 2005

This year's pranks

I wasn't able to keep tabs on a lot of this year's pranks but here's
this years joatBlog 04/01 Awards:
  • The Funniest: The claim of
    discovery of a pr0n Easter Egg within MS Office. I find it funny as it
    was outside of the usual Man Pregnant/New Protocol announcements that I
    was expecting.
  • The Most Insidious: The announcment that the
    Internet will be taken down for a short time for maintenance. Insidious
    in that it caused a bunch of Full Disclosure readers to post tongue-in-
    cheek responses which other readers mistook for plausible and started
    complaining and rediculing the second stage posters.
  • The
    : The Ribbed-For-Its-Pleasure method of transferring songs
    between iPods (ThinkGeek! You can do better)
  • The Most Obtuse:
    The new information transfer method from Opera.

Anyone see
any others?

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