Sunday, August 1, 2004

Too far?

This is why you
have to be very careful about the wording of laws like Mr. Hatch's

I disagree with the article where it talks about law
enforcement abusing its power. Law enforcement is not at fault here,
they were doing what a judge thought the law allowed. It all goes back
to how the law is written.

Unless it has very specific wording, it
will end up like the Bible: subject to interpretation. If you hear
someone screaming about a law being evil, don't just jump up on the
soapbox with him and start screaming too. Instead, read the proposed
act and make constructive comments. (Many politicians ask for
input/comments.) Also, remember that phrase like "doing it this way may
be better in the long run" works a heck of a lot better than "your law
is a piece of sh*t".

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