Sunday, June 13, 2004

SANS Papers

Sans just posted this weeks papers submissions. Titles include:

- Building a More Secure Network
- A Company in Chapter Eleven Doesn't Have to Eat Spam
- Algorithm-based Approaches to Intrusion Detection and Response
- Cyber Risk Insurance
- Worm Propogation and Countermeasures
- Psychology: A Precious Security Tool
- Security and Vulnerability Analysis of an Ethernet-based Attack on Cisco IOS
- An Ettercap Primer
- Securing Your Wireless Access Point: What Do All Those Settings Mean Anyways?
- CIRT, Through Conception Labor and Delivery
- Defeating Overflow Attacks
- Utilizing Open Source Software to Build a (Relatively) Secure, Spam- and Virus-free Mail Service
- Developing & Implementing an Information Secuirty Policy and Standard Framework
- Design and Devolopment of a Rapid Response Security Vulnerability Scanning Infrastructure
- Overview of Security Issues Facing Computer Users
- Designing and Implementing an Effective Information Security Program: Protecting The Data Assets of Individuals, Small and Large Businesses
- The Next Internet Privacy in Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)
- Budget File and System Integrity Verification for Windows
- The Shift to Security Implementation in a Healthcare Facility
- Eradicating Spam Through a Hybrid Sender-Pays Model
- Printing the Paper and Sending the News After a Localized Disaster

Keep in mind that some are technical, others are highly opinionated. (I have issues with any anti-spam scheme that includes specialized technology or money.) If you're willing to argue an issue, I'm sure that many of the authors are willing to discuss points. Give 'em a few weeks or so though. Speaking from experience, their brains are probably feeling a bit bruised at the moment.

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