Saturday, May 15, 2004

New MT blogging license

Read this and this. Count me amongst the negative response from the "personal users" and those who've put a lot of work into the code behind their sites. (For Scripty Goddess, it's a serious amount of code.)

J (if you're reading this), I'm seriously considering switching also. Given the number of "authors" that use this site (whether or not their blogs have been dead for months), the site may be in violation of the new license. I don't think it's worth putting the effort into supporting a version of any code that the authors/owners have abandoned. (I'm pissed because I put a LOT of work into the code behind this monstrosity!)

For any Six Apart people reading this: my response is not entirely your fault. It's a reaction to yet another "volunteer" project that has gone commercial and has left certain categories of users behind by changing their licensing scheme for profit purposes. IMHO, you now reside with CDDB and NFR.

Guess it's time to read up on the export function?

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