Sunday, September 28, 2003


When I don't have any project for the weekend, y'all suffer. (i.e., you have to put up with me playing with the features on this blog).

Changes so far:

  • Comments displayed on the main page (I think I've got it tweaked to where I want it.)
  • Trackbacks listed on the main page (requires more cosmetic tweaking)
  • Removal of the IM feature (never got much use)
  • Removal of the BlogSnob stuff
  • Added a couple buttons on the left

Under consideration:

  • Removal of links not directly related to blog.
  • Coming up with my own version of BlogRolls (why pay for something when you can write your own?)(I'm getting better with PHP!)
  • "fixing" the boxes around each entry (a few complaints about same)
  • making my aggregators available (I use 3 from various locations during the week)
  • Embedding a couple blogs in columns 1 or 3 for use as sidebars

I can "put back" anything if anyone wants (complain loudly!!).

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