Monday, February 18, 2008

Shmoocon 2008 - Day 3

A quick day (I was dog-tired). Attended:
  • When Lawyers Attack! Dealing with the New Rules of Electronic Discovery (Benson)
  • The Geek and the Gumshoe or Can Mathematics Solve Crimes? (Schearer, Thornton)
  • PEAP: Pwned Extensible Authentication Protocol (Wright, Antoniewicz)
All three were worth seing, the first two were more entertaining that the last. All ran out of time (maybe we could get longer sessions on Sunday?).

I left early 'cause I started feeling under the weather, nauseous on top of being tired, so I bought copies of various talks and got out of there. Good timing, too. By the time that I got back to Virginia Beach, I was down to nausea, shakes, and sweats. Haven't felt that bad since the last bout of food poisoning. Mebbe it's the flu? (No, I didn't do any of _that_ at Shmoocon. I was good.) I'm feeling somewhat better today but am definitely considering staying in bed.

Finally met CyberEagle at the SploitCast table. I'm bigger than he thought, he's younger than I thought. (Walc: I'll keep an eye out for more give-away stuff for next year.) Ran into Bob from work (shouts!). Talked with the Army cadet again.

No major surprises this year. Cisco took a beating though, with various people poking holes in VoIP implementations, network equipment, and various of their proprietary protocols.

All in all, another good conference from Shmoocon. Looking forward to seeing what 757 and the Sploitcast groups come up with for next year (this year was a bit weak in the Arcade).

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