Friday, February 23, 2007

Think safety

(heh) There are people that recommend that you don't take your laptop to a hacker con or use your credit card anywhere near it. There's probably some truth to it. Before you think it silly, consider that: manufacturers' stated ranges do not count, various things about you get posted whether you like it or not (hint: click the links); if you didn't field-strip your laptop before the con, it may embarass you; pictures are taken (we see you Joe) ; various hacks are traded (on and off of the stage), people are caught doing strange things, etc. Let's also not forget that there's been groups of people there with differing levels of ethics (i.e., EARE and Britt). Mix those with quantities of alcohol and it's usually safer to leave the technology at home. It's easy enough to embarass yourself as it is. Though the room stuffing contest (Doug, we see you!) was fun.

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