Monday, February 19, 2007

Shmoo Topics

...and for those that haven't been paying attention (myself included), some of the Shmoocon speakers have been listed. While it's a bit sparse on wireless (my current concern), there are still topics that are considered don't-miss.

It appears that the Potter triplets (Ray, Al, and Bruce) are not appearing together this year so Jeff W. will have to throw straight-lines from the back at more than one talk. (You're our hero, Jeff!) Then again, the topic is similar so maybe Renderman and Russ Housley will be stepping in for Ray and Bruce. If they're doing the other topic that is mentioned repeatedly in the Bios, Jeff and I will probably be there to lob straight-line questions and Shmoo balls.

Richard Beijtlich and Simple Nomad are also return speakers. All in all, it looks to be an interesting conference shaping up (ignoring the lynch mob facing whomever gets to do the "Own the Con" talk).

Update: it looks like they took the advice from last year's "Own the Con" and are starting the Sunday talks an hour later.

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