Sunday, February 18, 2007

SageTV upgrade

Wish me luck! I'm off to upgrade to a beta version of SageTV. The most recent version that I've been running worked nicely but had an issue with scanning directories for new files (frustrating when you watch/listen to a ton of podcasts). The shiny-pretty feature in this upgrade is an interface to YouTube (in addition to the existing one for GoogleVideo)

Oh! It's also nice to see that the hardware community is starting to work on getting WinTV PRV USB-2 running under Linux.

Update: The upgrade went off without a hitch. The shows I had recorded under the previous version showed up in the imported videos folder (not sure how that happened). The YouTube feature stutters a bit more than the Google Video feature did but that may be caused by the current Internet issues. I discovered a feature that wasn't in the previous version: network encoding. SageTV is now a true network application in that the server can run on different systems than the tuners and/or the clients. It is also capable to working with the Roku PhotoBridge. Cool!

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