Sunday, August 16, 2015

What's been in my bag this week? (20150815)

I seem to have gone a bit wild with my new tool. I promise that future posts will be a bit shorter. My other excuse is that some of the below is fall-out from "the silly season", that week or two after DEFCON where news gets a bit odd. It's amplified slightly, this year, by election "theater" starting early.


- The man making puzzles for hackers - BBC News
- Call off the bee-pocalypse: U.S. honeybee colonies hit a 20-year high
- Tech Firm Ubiquiti Suffers $46M Cyberheist Krebs on Security
- Here s Why Your Brain Seems Mostly Dormant - Issue 27: Dark Matter - Nautilus
- That 'Useless' Liberal Arts Degree Has Become Tech's Hottest Ticket
- The day I ordered pizza that 'doesn't exist' - BBC News
- The Point Of The Banach Tarski Theorem
- The Other Other Rope Around The Earth
- TV networks are stuffing more and more ads into the commercial breaks in a 'desperate' attempt to counter plummeting ratings
- What it means to go pro in data science


- Deleting your browser history could land you in prison
- Docker Basics: A practical starters guide Conetix
- Distributing files via DNS
- Composing Music With Recurrent Neural Networks
- Algorithmic Trading: The Play-at-Home Version
- Eisenbahnnet: Bohr's trip about spin
- Presumption of stupidity
- G is for Google
- The Turn - 93.12
- Design machines
- War in Space May Be Closer Than Ever
- Le Szil rd: A Forgotten Father of the Atomic Bomb
- Quantum weirdness is everywhere in life Johnjoe McFadden Aeon


- I spent a weekend at Google talking with nerds about charity. I came away worried.


- Not Even Close: The State of Computer Security with slides - James Mickens
- Which of the President s Men Exactly? JSTOR Daily


- Felicia Day's "You're Never Weird on the Internet Almost "
- Secrets of the Deep
- 20 Things I've Learned From Larry Page
- root localghost:


- 2015 Royal Observatory Greenwich
- Black Hat USA 2015: The full story of how that Jeep was hacked

Above was generated by a homegrown bolt-on script for Wallabag, which is a free utility for capturing web content so that it can be read later.

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