Thursday, September 20, 2007

FC7, an NVidia 6340 LE, and a SyncMaster 940BW

For the better part of this year, I've stuck with the commercial version of Mandriva 2007 because it was one of the few distros that automatically recognizes my video card and monitor. For those that know me, this is an extremely long time for me to stick with one distro.

Not any more. I've needed to install Fedora for a few toolsets that I've wanted to play with and finally had the time (I took a day off) to install Fedora and figure out how to get the video configured properly (usually it'd come up with bars on the side and no mouse cursor).

Fixing both of those problems was pretty straight forward. The mouse involved turning off the hardware driven cursor. The video involved trashing the Fedora drivers and grabbing the binary off of NVidia's site and letting it compile new modules.

I've stuck my notes in the wiki.

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