Saturday, September 1, 2007

The end of a long week

Wow. I survived yet another really long week. The week started with me sitting in the emergency room, last Saturday night. It was my son's semi-annual pilgrimage to get treated for asthma/pneumonia. The SANS class started Sunday morning and I've been in sleep deficit ever since (I managed to annoy the instructor by standing in the back of the room a lot and making a large number of trips out of the room to recycle the massive amounts of coffee that I was drinking).

In any case, the CTF was today. I captured two of the team flags. We didn't take first (or even second) but we had a very good time as we were doing it (translation: the rules didn't prohibit adding content to the web pages). To whomever it was that left the ptrace-kmod exploit laying around in one of the user accounts, thank you. I was able to repair the bug in the source code and use it.

In any case, my son is fine (if you don't count him being a 200 pound assinine eating machine when he's on steroids) and I have roughly three months to recert GSEC and six months to do my GCIH.

I also picked up quite a few topics for research during the SANS class (tracking FastFlux, tracking browser header alteration by spamware, etc.). I'll need them as I decided to crash Rob's Attacks class since we couldn't get enough participants for the Continuing Case Studies in Forensics. Maybe next year?

Thanks to the others in the fourth row/left side of Ed Skoudis's class this year. I enjoyed the class/exercise.

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