Sunday, January 21, 2007


[*grumble.. grumble..*] I just spent 2+ hours upgrading XP Home on a 5-year old Sony laptop. All's I wanted was the capability to employ WPA2 (I don't care about any other protections as I don't use it for anything other than wireless demo's). First I had to install WGA. Then 7 hot fixes w/ reboot. Then 17 hotfixes w/ reboot. Then I couldn't convince it that I didn't want to install IE7, so I had to install that. Then (finally) it let me run the WPA2 installer, complete with reboot, just so's I could find out that the Centrino chipset in the damn thing doesn't support WPA at all.

Yeah, you can say that I'm a bit grumpy at this point.

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