Sunday, January 28, 2007


I think that I burned myself out on Thursday night. The previous week I had suffered from a bout of Bill Gates syndrome in that the demo I had set up absolutely refused to work. I spent the rest of the evening trying to get it to work again. This required that Andrea (the other half of the tag-team teaching team) talk for the entire class.

The end result of all this was that I had to teach all last Thursday night. The topic for the evening was RF theory. While I did have enough slides to cover three hours (and I did speak for that time), towards the end I realized that the topic is best taken in small chunks. Going from "this is a sine wave" to explaining the advantages of combining phase shift keying and amplitude modulation obviously was quite painful.

The good news is that we're now through that. The bad news is that it becomes quite important (later) when we start talking about 802.16.

Oh! Why do I feel like I burned myself out. Answer: Because I have the typical symptoms: a strong aversion to sitting at a keyboard, wanting to sleep through Saturday, and coming up with excuses not to work on my wife's computer (crappy sound). I think the burnout was caused by putting in 6 hours for slide creation and then talking about them for 3 hours, all in the same day.


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