Saturday, November 11, 2006

More customer hell

This has to be the worst week I've ever had with other organizations' customer support. For those that are considering buying the Archos 404 (and possibly their other models), know this:
  • You're only buying basic capability. The ability to view those Hak5 or Digital Life vidcasts requires the purchase of additional plugins.
  • Archos has a really crappy interface for obtaining those downloads. The font on my product key didn't readily indicate the difference in similar characters so I typed in "O" when I should have typed in "0" (see?). The interface isn't written to self correct.
  • The interface has some serious logic issues. Using the activation code with a mistyped product key burns the activation code at the same time that it spits back an error code about the product key. In other words, you can't then fix the product key and legitimately use the activiation key with the good product key.
  • The interface has no way to fix the above. Customer support's fix for this is to refund your purchase (something that takes a number of business days to occur).
  • The interface is a piece of shit because it's just a digital front end to a manual process. I re-ordered the plugin at 1:45 today and they still haven't forwarded the purchase to processing (the site does have a tracking capability). Now that it's after "business hours", I have to wait until Monday to get this fixed. Needless to say, I'm on the road again, starting Sunday.

Really, a $20 purchase shouldn't be this much of a headache. If it's not fixed first thing on Monday, I'm considering siccing my wife on 'em. (heh)

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