Wednesday, August 16, 2006


An article in Monday's USA Today about the new luggage restrictions still has me chuckling. I'll quote the article and you tell me where you've heard the logic before. If you've worked in IT or IA for any period of time, you've heard it.


"It's not a 'right' to fly and carry whatever you like," notes David Gregory, a Dallas-based travel coordinator and former airline employee, in one of nearly 200 posts in response to a recent item on USA's Today in the Sky blog about the threat to the carry-on culture.

"Just think how wonderfully blissful it would be not to have a single carry-on aboard a plane," Gregory adds.

"I say ban all carry-on luggage. It's about time! And if you are so important that you cannot be away from your computer for a day, do us a favor and stay at your office."

Figure it out yet? How about the system admin who states that he wished there were no users on the network?

I bet Mr. Gregory runs a very successful travel business. (heh)

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