Monday, August 21, 2006

More security blogs

Thanks to Michael Farnum posting his OPML. Along with that and a few Google searches, I've added a ton of security related blogs to my Bloglines subscription. View the list here or grab the OMPL here.

I'm also experimenting with the Bloglines Blogroll for those same feeds. I've tacked it up over on the left and have re-enabled the blogroll for comparison.

Update: Wow, for the half-hour or so, that was horrible. Adding 348 lines to an already crowded panel caused the new blogroll to stick off of the bottom of the page for a long distance. For now, I'll leave the list on the left and the Bloglines list on the right, though it still sticks off the bottom of the page.

I promise that it'll get better as I resort the Bloglines subscriptions into folders and limit what folders can be seen.

Update: in taking a look at the Bloglines JavaScript, it should be very easy to run the external call through some PHP, strip the JavaScript, format the data and come up with a nicer menuing system. Something for the to do list, I guess.

Then again, maybe I'll just move the thing to its own page. That is a lot of links messing up the page. What do you think?

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