Friday, July 7, 2006

Power Users

Although I don't disagree with Araz's logic in "Power Users in Windows are Potential Administrators", I think he misses some of the logic in Jesper's and Mark's posts in that Power Users are a source of three sorts of problems: those of the shot-themselves-in-the-foot type, those of the-rules-don't-apply-to-me-otherwise-they-wouldn't-have-given-me-Power-User-access type, and those of the screw-this-I'm-taking-Admin type. Of the latter two groups, a good percentage have been (or are) Admin elsewhere and will fight you because they "know" a better way than you of "doing things".

Yes, life as a common user, after being an admin, sucks. I went from NOC admin to common user in a job switch. What used to take a bit of Perl and 15 minutes now takes days (unless I'm on my home system, that is). Though I'm not happy with the level of access, I am happy with my job and don't need the access. (And I will admit that, even as a common user, I am a pain in the neck to have as a customer (business or home user).)

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