Thursday, July 6, 2006


In continuing the topic of log file analysis (okay, I'm avoiding studying for a test and working on my wife's Things-To-Do-While-I'm-Out-Of-Town list), I've parsed the logs from April 15 to July 4 and have found some intersting bits...
  • Barring self-referrals and the normal Google traffic, the largest referrer in that 3 month period was an Adam Gaffin comment (25 August 2005) concerning my short post about countermeasures for Skype, specifically "public executions" (my term for publicly prosecuting policy violations in the corporate setting), which may or may not be legal within your organization (check with your legal department). 176 hits by the way.
  • The next common referrer below that (barring the normal aggregators) is Yet Another InfoSec Blog (YAISB). Hi Ryan! Interesting site!
  • Below that, a friend's site: InfoSec Potpourri. Hi David!
  • Below that: Christian Koch's Limited Exposure.
  • Followed in quick succession by: Araz Samadi, Troy Jessop, Dana Epp (long time no see!), Dave King, Clint Stotesbery, Benjamin Edelman (very interesting anti-UCA stuff), and Martin McKeay.
  • I also found a whole slew of sites that steal other people's content and use it to host sites whose sole purpose appears to be ripping off AdSense.
  • I also found a weird AJAX-based aggregator called "ProtoPage. (Try moving the windows around.)
  • Did you know that there a sites, such as SecurityArchive that appear to archive your entire content?
  • What the heck is a IEAutoDiscovery feed reader? (heh)
  • Everybody and their hillbilly "third couzin" has their own feed aggregator/reader.

All in all, some interesting sites to visit/things to play with. I recommend visiting most of the blogs above.

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