Sunday, January 15, 2006

Misc. Shmoo notes

I didn't post much about day 2 as I was dog tired by the end of the day. The rest of this is just misc. notes, in no particular order.

Because most of the con was at a club across town, soaking up free drinks, it was pretty quiet in the hotel. I was able to talk with Rob, Doug, Howard (both from Rob's class), Hanashi and Telmnstr. Various other con members wandered in and out but it was much quieter.

The Shmoozers had something else to do at that time (their con was still in full swing, with stomping, singing and chanting at 10 p.m.). Though one drunk Shmoozer did run through the lobby screaming. (What was that about?)

Only a few Shmoo'ers were shot with ping pong balls. (No Shmoozers were targeted.)

In any case, I crashed at 10 p.m. and didn't get up until the following morning. Sunday went by pretty quickly, with two morning sessions followed by Johnny Long's presentation (J.L. ripped on Bruce) and the Shmoo Group's closing comments.

Audio and video from the con should be available shortly. The code for various projects, including the Hacker Arcade stuff, will also be available shortly.

I expect the audio/video stuff to be made available via BT only so please be nice and share at least the same amount as you leech. I recommend at least the ones that are wireless-related, which is what was the most-populated topic. The Asterisk talk was a bit basic, being aimed at someone considering it's use, not at someone who's actually set a box up. Heck, if you've got the space, get all of them.

I asked Heidi about the rumor about self-inflicted wounds and she stated that, yes, some people had cut themselves with their badges.

To clear up a bit of confusion, the MK console also belongs to Telmnstr.

General impression: the Con was worth attending. It needs to be longer though. Two days of talks isn't enough.

I have a few more pictures but won't have the time to post them until this weekend.

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