Monday, June 27, 2005

Who's your favorite?

I won a Shuffle in a drawing at a recent conference and have been using
it to listen to various Podcast (hate the name) shows. I also burn a
lot of those shows to disk and listen to them during my one hour+
commute to/from work. I'm interested in maintaining a list (in the
wiki) of good geek/tech shows. Here's my favorites:
  • any of the
    Leo Laporte shows (TLR, TWIT, the KFI shows)
  • /bin/rev (although
    I don't like Stank's personality, he does have a good
  • Slashdot review
  • Geek News Central
  • Chris

Others I've been monitoring (haven't decided if I
like yet) include:

  • Infonomicon
  • Linux Link Tech
  • Mondays
  • LQ
  • Linux Link Tech
  • most of the stuff in HackerMedia

Leave a
comment and I'll add the sources to the wiki.

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