Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I was in Raliegh-Durham today for the VMWare demo (so call me a swag whore 'cause I like free copies of commercial software). Two things that could have made the demo a bit better:

1) GIVE BETTER directions to the place. The RD Hilton is at the east end of Page Road. However, the only thing on Page Road signifying the existance of the Hilton is a tiny 6" x 8" sign that appears to be pointing to the Sleep Inn parking lot. I missed this sign the first time through and spent the next hour exploring every inch of Page Road (and it's only a few miles long). Thanks to the manager at the Days Inn for pointing the way.

2) If you're going to present to a roomful of geeks, give 'em tables to work on. Just stuffing a small room with chairs makes the entire experience uncomfortable for everyone, especially when there's a full house.

To give them credit, the presentation was interesting.

The title is "lost" because, as usual, I got lost on my way to where I was going. It's something that I've learned to live with, and my wife has learned to tolerate (our first date, we aimed at a restaurant in the next city... ended up in the next state). This time I did end up at the proper place (after asking directions twice) but I did get to see an ominous crime scene, complete with the population from 6 police cruisers and 3 news vans. Also on scene was 100+ feet of yellow police tape and what looked like a black bicycle laying on the ground. Anyone know what it was?

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