Monday, August 18, 2003

Never Mind Mom, I've Found Some

Apparently crime does pay. At least for the hardware store where you buy your tools. While searching Google for info for a short paper, I've discovered that there are quite a few sites selling collections of hacker tools. (Search for "hacker tools".)

It also appears to be a "buyer beware" market as quite a few of them have disclaimers protecting the seller from any malicious code which might be hidden in the software they're selling. Silly part of the whole thing is that 99% (if not 100%) of the software being sold is readily available on the Internet. Some of it is even out-of-date.

Not one to let a good idea pass by, I am now offering the following (on separate CD's):

  • a list of books which reside on my bookshelves
  • a collection of howto's which I've written
  • every bit of intellectual junk or garbage which I've authored and managed to save on three systems
  • a digital album of the Crepe Myrtle growing n my front yard (bonus, Christmas shots from the neighborhood)
  • a semi-humorous attempt at trying to explain my family tree (I have four half-sisters, three half-brothers, one foster sister, and one foster brother). Hint: One of those half-brothers has the same first name as me so two of my half-sisters don't take references to "this is my brother Daryl, this is my other brother Daryl" jokes too kindly. (Note: my name is not Daryl.)

Okay, too silly. Time to end this one.

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