Sunday, August 24, 2003

I'm the luckiest man on the planet and I'm gonna be rich!

To make up for that really horrible month of May, my karma has snapped back. This very week I have:
  • offered $7.5 million by Mr. Woo Chong, Manager of the China Trust Bank
  • offered $8.2 million by Chief Kola Matins, Secretary of the Contract Award Committee of the Nigerian Petroleum Committee
  • offered $7.4 million by Dr. Rilwanu lukman, President Advisor on Petroleum and Energy and Alternate Chairman of Board, OPEC President Designate
  • offered $3.6 million by Jonson Tubman, former Special Assistant to Liberian President Charles Taylor
  • and another $15.75 million by Jewel Taylor, Charles Taylor's wife

All for the use of my checking account. Would you believe it?

Wait! It gets better!

I've even won the Netherlands Lottery, not once but twice for another $4 million!! Oh, and while I was typing this, I also won the Citi Financiers Worldwide Lotttery for another $5 million. So far that totals just a tad over $49 million.

I'm rich! I'm leaving right now (headed into town) and I'm gonna buy that Hummer I've had my eye on.

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