Monday, February 3, 2003

Ipaq Linux

Decided to re-take the plunge and installed Familiar Linux on my Ipaq again. Previously, .5 installed badly on a cutting edge 3835. The fonts were so "off" that I had to re-install Wince (yes, I know it should be WinCE).

After seeing that .6.1 was out, I decided to retry it. The documentation states that you need bootloader 2.18.1 or better. That part was wrong. 2.18.1 couldn't handle the new kernel on the 3835 (it kept crashing on boot). However, as soon as I upgraded the bootloader to 2.18.54, the kernel that I'd installed on the old bootloader worked!

So far, I happy with it. Even rotating the screen to a landscape view appears properly. Now to find a few apps for it and to get wireless working!

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