Sunday, November 3, 2019

What was I reading in October 2019?

October was a busy month, what with being on travel for 2 weeks, participating in both the President's Cup and ODU's CyberOPS CTF events, as well as...

The Cubietruck finally kicked all four of its little feet up in the air. Instead of the SSD, it looks like NVRAM corruption (we've had some nasty brown-outs in October). It's back online. I used the repair as an excuse to weed out what I had running on that box.

The third hypervisor is back online, finally. The fix required blowing away the BIOS config and starting a new one (it wasn't accepting new drives). For now, it's running with about 5x the amount of storage that was previously on there.

In any case, this past month's (err... week's?) reading:


- Potential bypass of Runas user restrictions
- Machine learning challenges at LinkedIn: Spark TensorFlow and beyond
- NordVPN confirms it was hacked
- Facebook Faked Viewer Metrics By As Much as 900 Percent
- Optimize your metadata for better compression
- Accidental Satellite Hijacks Can Rebroadcast Cell Towers
- jullrich/pcap2curl
- RandomAdversary/Awesome-AI-Security
- Quickpost: ExifTool OLE Files and FlashPix Files


- Tails - Tails 4.0 is out
- Incorrect Working IPv6 NTP Clients/Networks
- Researcher Discovers Critical Linux WiFi Vulnerability That Existed For Four Years
- Debian Buster / OpenWRT 18.06.4 upgrade notes
- Objections to IoT regulation. A rational reply
- Weaponizing and Gamifying AI for WiFi Hacking: Presenting Pwnagotchi 1.0.0


- Absurd fonts for an absurd world


- How To Record Everything You Do In Terminal - I'm helping out with a project for school, and am reviewing Vagrant and Ansible capabilities as part of it.
- How to deploy a container with Ansible


- 6 signs you might be a Linux user - #1 applies to all computer geeks. I'm guilty of #2, #3, and #4. If you're guilty of #5, yer a newb. I disagree with #6. A better one is that you've adapted other people's tools to suit your own needs.
- Searx - A New Internet Search Engine - Not really a new search engine. It's a search aggregator, meaning that you're still seeing Google Search results. Want you own search engine? Stand up Elastic or Sphinx Search and learn about FTS.


- Gravitational Teleconsole - Looking at this (and Teleport) for use as part of the school project.


- suchja/wine - still more stuff for the school project
- The single most useful thing in bash - 25 years later, I'm still learning new things about Bash!
- Tmux Tutorial
- adblockradio/adblockradio - At this point I'll try it, if only to mute the barrage of attack ads.

Above was generated by a homegrown bolt-on script for Wallabag, which is a free utility for capturing web content so that it can be read later.

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