Monday, October 21, 2019

Still still here

A month goes by fast! Still here, still busy has heck, but it's getting better.

Last week, I participated in the first annual President's Cup CTF. I was able to squeak by, right around the 50th percentile. Not too shabby for a non-pro. Those questions were hard!

This past Saturday, I participated on a team at ODU's CyberOPS 2019 CTF. We ended up in a 4-way tie for fifth place. Although we'd like to do better, we're quite happy with where we placed. Topics we need to brush up on: reverse engineering, image manipulation using GIMP (for the second year), and the more esoteric approaches to SQL injection (A union? Really?).

I'll be demoing the sudo bug (and giving a very short presentation) at this week's Cyber Club meeting. Once again, the media put a bit more OMG into their news articles than was needed, as exploitation of the bug requires a pre-existing "bad idea" in the config file.

I've been improving my Docker containers and have my article tracker (based on Wallabag v1) back online. On the to do list: I'll be needing to grab the source code for the various support libraries, just so a package update doesn't destroy (again) my ability to use the tool.  Will post the source on the school's Docker repository shortly.

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